The CoAuthor Storytelling Project


This storytelling and acting project is one of a kind. We understand how you may be spending a lot of timeĀ  now with your child and how you may be wondering “what should my child be learning right now?” Children learn through play, that’s their work, their biggest achievement. This is what they are intended to do.

This storytelling method was developed by the CoAuthor founder, Marwa Abdelfattah when she was a preschool teacher. When Abdelfattah came to the US, she discovered educator Vivian Paley who used the same approach in US-schools in the fifties and paired it with acting.

Today, Project Zero at Harvard Graduate School of Education advocates this storytelling approach.

This printable includes:

  • A 25-Day Storytelling Schedule
  • A Large Calendar
  • Calendar Activities
  • Storytelling Assessment
  • Printable Story Templates

Here’s a video of how the process goes with a child.

This printable has 29 digital pages. This is a digital product. Nothing will be mailed.