Resilience Building


Have you ever been in a tight spot and wondered to yourself, “what would my wise Aunt Laura advise me to do if she were here with me?” Just like Aunt Laura, we can help our children use our relationship with them as a source of strength, problem-solving and solace when they face challenges and disappointment is inevitable… We can do that by putting ideas in their psychological pockets; bits of wisdom that can become their inner resilient voice!

This printable kit includes:

  • Child and adult connection bracelets
  • A box where children can store their worries 
  • A tool for evaluating problems
  • A child-generated calming poster
  • What to do when your child “ignores” your questions
  • A visual gentle reminder that invites children to share more about their day at their own pace

This kit has 5 printables and 37 digital pages. Age range: (2.5 – 8 years old)

Please note that this is a digital product. Nothing will be mailed.