• Our Vision

    Listening to children can change the world!

    What is CoAuthor?

    CoAuthor is an iPad application that fosters dialogue between children (2.5 - 8 years old) and their caregivers (parents or teachers) through storytelling and meaningful conversation templates. CoAuthor helps caregivers be their children's and student's co-learners and co-thinkers with real-time tips embedded in every template in the app.

    Why be your child's coauthor?

    When we coauthor anything with children, we bond with them emotionally and intellectually. They feel respected and taken seriously. They borrow our adult advanced language skills and thinking strategies. They see themselves as storytellers and scientists. When we co-learn with children, we put democratic practices into action and we show children how to learn.

    What are the core beliefs that CoAuthor is inspired by?

    We believe that every child has important ideas that they need to communicate with their role models. We believe that adults can actually learn from children. We believe that listening to children is an exercise of democracy in our homes, schools and everywhere else.

    What are the CoAuthor Dialogue Starters?

    With CoAuthor, children can explore with their caregivers as equal participants various topics ranging from What it Means to be a Citizen to How Worms Talk To Each Other to telling a story about Their Best Friend. We curated many templates about popular philosophical, scientific and socio-emotional topics that interest both children and adults.

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